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Is Cool Whip healthy? Not really, it isn’t. However, you cannot categorize it as bad because they are still good ingredients used in the whip; therefore, it is always best to use the cream occasionally.

As a result, the best way to enjoy your Cool Whip is to pair it with fruits rather than desserts, which already have a lot of sugary and creamy content.

Consequently, you should read this article to learn more about Cool Whip’s added advantages, side effects, the easiest ways to eat cream, and several other bodily perks it may or may not have.

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What is a Cool Whip?

The maker, Kraft Heinz, refers to the American brand of duplicate whipped cream, Cool Whip, as a whipped topping. The whip has a longer life span than regular cream because it is sold frozen.

Despite having the milk protein casein, it was initially advertised as being “non-dairy”; it now also contains skim milk.

It is a convenient food or ingredient that can preserve its appearance without melting over time and is used in North America as a garnish for desserts and in some no-bake pie recipes.

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Is Cool Whip healthy?

Not really, it isn’t. In addition to being fluffy, sweet, and light, Cool Whip was once dairy-free.

However, it is not natural because it has a ton of additives and chemicals that may have long-term negative effects on human health.

Is sugar-free Cool Whip healthy?

Not really. However, corn syrup is present, albeit with the disclaimer that it only adds an “inconsequential amount of sugar.” It might not be the finest for your health as a result.

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Are Cool Whip and strawberries healthy?

Yes, it could be. In addition to being vegan and dairy-free, this strawberry and Cool Whip recipe is packed with antioxidants that support the health of the white blood cells in our immune system.

Therefore, you can, enjoy them together because the strawberry will make up for the whip’s lack of nutritional advantages.

Is Cool Whip or Reddi Wip healthy?

Reddi-Wip, in all its oily glory, is closer to the alluring whipped cream than Cool Whip and could be said to be healthier. Reddi-Wip has more calories, but its ingredients are better for your intestinal tracts.

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Is frozen Cool Whip healthy?

Not really. The fact that it is frozen doesn’t increase its medical benefits because the components are the same, even though they are frozen.

Are fruit and Cool Whip healthy?

Yes, they are. One of the great ways to enjoy fruits is to pair them with a Cool Whip because the fruit’s numerous beneficial advantages will make up for the whip’s shortcomings.

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What is a healthy substitute for a Cool Whip?

Your best bet is to swap out Cool Whip for coconut cream, which is much healthier and best for your health.

All you must do is chill a 15-ounce can of coconut milk and then scoop out the coconut cream that has solidified on top of whatever you have it with.

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Does Cool Whip have any health benefits?

There is no 100% certainty that Cool Whip is healthy, but keep in mind that they used to make dairy-free whip at one point, so don’t completely discount the brand.

Water, corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil (which adds a tiny amount of fat), high fructose corn syrup, less than 2% sodium caseinate (from milk), organic and inorganic flavor, modified food starch, xanthan, and guar gums, polysorbate 60, polysorbate 65, sorbitan monostearate, sodium hydroxide, and beta carotene are the only ingredients in Cool Whip.

As a result, it is better to make your whip cream using Cool Whip sparingly because it does not carry so much significant health benefits.

Side effects of Cool Whip

It’s been established that Cool Whip doesn’t really do much health; therefore, you must learn why.

Sodium caseinate

This is a dairy byproduct that has been connected to allergies, brain abnormalities, and autism. This component is used in making a Cool Whip.

Hydrogenated oils

It has been repeatedly shown that hydrogenated oils increase LDL and decrease HDL, thereby contributing to heart disease.

Monostearic sorbitan

You are eating what is commonly known as “synthetic wax,” a substance that is chemically derived. The latter part has been linked to causing stomach disturbances, skin, eye, and breathing irritations.

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Xantham & guar gums

By combining sugars and bacteria, xantham and guar gums are used as laxatives, in medications, and as food thickeners. Individuals shouldn’t have any issues with it in small doses, but large doses can result in diarrhea.

Artificial and natural flavors

Inside the world of food science, it is well known that synthetic or organic flavors can be of plant origin.

Additionally, they can have poisonous or gluten or take the form of various types of MSG, which appears frequently as a “flavor enhancer.”

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Excessive fructose from maple syrup

Recent research from Princeton University indicates that corn syrup may have a greater impact on obesity and diabetes than usual table sugar in terms of weight gain.

It might also contain traces of mercury, which has been linked to several degenerative diseases and reproductive problems.

Polysorbate 60

This chemically derived emulsifier, which is used in foods and cosmetics, has been connected to organ toxic effects, diarrhea, and growths in lab mice.

DIY Cool Whip recipe

Here is a homemade recipe for making your Cool Whip; however, it has dairy, so if you are vegan or vegetarian, you should find a more suitable ingredient.


  • 1-gallon heavy whipping cream
  • 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  • Fill a mixing bowl halfway with heavy whipping cream.
  • If you use a hand mixer, use a bowl with beveled edges because the cream will splash a lot at first.
  • Just until soft peaks form, beat on medium speed.
  • Continue to mix in the sugar till the stiff peaks form.
  • Mix in the vanilla extract.
  • Keep refrigerated.


  • While whipped cream can be stored in the refrigerator, it tends to become watery as it sits.
  • So, it’s ideal if you wait until you’re prepared to use it to make it.
  • If you buy raw milk, the cream from it can be used to make whipped cream.
  • Set the milk aside for several days to allow the cream to separate properly.
  • After which, use only the heaviest cream from its very top, making sure not to get any milk in it at all.
  • You won’t be able to thicken your cream if it has milk.

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Is there a healthy version of Cool Whip?

Yes, there is. Truwhip, a healthier whipped topping, stands out for several reasons, including the fact that it isn’t just fake syrupy oil. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, and free of corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

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What is healthier, whipped cream or Cool Whip?

It is preferable to choose natural whipping cream if you don’t count calories or worry about how much fat you consume.

In addition to tasting better and having more organic ingredients than goods like Cool Whip, making it by hand also works your arm.

Is Cool Whip keto-friendly?

Yes, it could be. There is slight sugar content in classic Cool Whip. Additionally, the sugar-free cool whip is produced by Cool Whip.

Both are regarded as keto-friendly but keep in mind Cool Whip’s many additives. It isn’t real food.

How many calories are in a cup of Cool Whip?

Low-fat, non-dairy whipped topping called Cool Whip lite (1 cup) has 9.8 grams of fat, 2.3 grams of protein, 17.7 grams of net carbs, and 168 calories.

Is Cool Whip high in carbs?

Cool Whip comes in a variety of flavors, but each one has 2-3 g of net carbs. The carbs only take up a small amount of your daily carbohydrate allowance. The main complaint against Cool Whip is its unhealthily formulated ingredient list.


Cool Whip is a decent whip topping to use sparingly due to the adverse impact its ingredients may have on your health.

It may be unlikely to control your intake of the whip, but it will never have the same taste and texture as regular whipped cream and charges 50% more per ounce.

Therefore, it is only ever best to make your own whip, as you will be able to use ingredients that you have prepped.

Thank you for reading.

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Is eating Cool Whip healthy? ›

Whereas the first three ingredients listed for Cool Whip® are water, corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil (translation: trans fats!) from a list of 10 ingredients in total. With the effects of trans fat on the cardiovascular system now common knowledge – it is better to avoid it at all costs.

Which is healthier Cool Whip or whip cream? ›

Reddi Whip may be the closest thing to real whipped cream on the market — its main ingredient is at least cream, as opposed to water for Cool Whip — but it still contains corn syrup (not high fructose), emulsifiers, and stabilizers. But the healthiest — and tastiest — whipped topping is still real whipped cream.

Which is healthier Cool Whip or Reddi Whip? ›

Winner: Reddi-Wip

Despite its higher calorie count, Reddi-Wip's ingredients are friendlier to our digestive systems. So don't be afraid to grab a can at your local grocery store and squirt some sugary foam wherever you please. Well, pay for it first or you might have to find a new place to shop.

Is whipped cream good for your body? ›

Heavy whipping cream contains important fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, D, E, and K. Full-fat dairy products such as heavy whipping cream contain more of these vitamins than low-fat or nonfat dairy. Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed by your body when they are consumed with fat.

What is a healthier substitute for Cool Whip? ›

Truwhip is a whipped topping alternative made without hydrogenated fats and artificial flavorings. What is this? It offers a healthier, more natural approach to whipped topping that still offers the same taste and enjoyment as its traditional counterpart.

What is a good substitute for Cool Whip? ›

Whipped Cream

Cream whipped to medium-to-firm peaks is your best Cool Whip substitute, because you can do that perky little dollop on top so that your pie looks like the pie in the Cool Whip commercials.

Why do people use Cool Whip? ›

It is used in North America as a topping for desserts, and in some no-bake pie recipes as a convenience food or ingredient that does not require physical whipping and can maintain its texture without melting over time. Cool Whip is sold frozen and must be defrosted in the refrigerator before being used.

Does Cool Whip have sugar or carbs? ›

25 calories per 2 tbsp. Contains 0 G of lactose per serving.
Kraft Cool Whip Original Whipped Topping.
Total Fat 1.5g2%
Total Carbohydrate 3g1%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Total Sugars 2g
Added Sugars 1g3%
6 more rows

What is healthier than whipping cream? ›

Best 11 healthy replacements for heavy cream
  • Coconut cream.
  • Milk and olive oil.
  • Milk and cornstarch.
  • Silken tofu and plant-based milk.
  • Greek yogurt and milk.
  • Cottage cheese and milk.
  • Vegan yogurt and plant-based milk.
  • Cashew cream.
Dec 2, 2021

What makes Cool Whip unhealthy? ›

The most-alarming quality of whipped topping is the ingredient list. Check out the back of any tub and you will find a hot list of things you've been warned to avoid, including hydrogenated oils (aka trans fats) and high-fructose corn syrup; water is also the first ingredient (bet you thought you were buying cream).

Which Cool Whip has least carbs? ›

topping. Cool Whip is fairly low in carbs. There are several different varieties of Cool Whip, but they are all 2-3 g of net carbs, which consumes a relatively small portion of your daily carb limits.
Nutrition Information.
Fat1.5 g
Protein0.0 g
Total carbs3.0 g
Fiber0.0 g
2 more rows

Is there a fat free Cool Whip? ›

Cool Whip Fat Free Whipped Topping is a one-of-a-kind dessert topping that adds sweet flavor and creamy texture to all your favorite desserts and recipes. With its unique and trusted formula, Cool Whip topping completes your dessert.

What is Cool Whip nutrition? ›

Details. Per 2 Tbsp: 20 calories; 1 g sat fat (6% DV); 0 mg sodium (0% DV); 1 g total sugars. Contains 0 g lactose per serving. Comparison per serving: Cool whip reduced fat whipped topping: 1 g fat; Leading whipped topping: 1.5 g fat.

Is whipped cream anti inflammatory? ›

“When you consume dairy products from grass-fed, A2 cattle, which have healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids and CLA as well as healthy casein, their heavy cream has potent anti-inflammatory effects.

Is whipping cream inflammatory? ›

We get saturated fat from foods like meat, poultry, eggs and coconut oil, but also from higher-fat dairy products such as cheese, cream and whole milk. Because of the inflammatory effects seen from saturated fat, higher-fat dairy products are considered inflammatory foods.

Can I replace heavy cream with Cool Whip? ›

For 1 cup whipping cream called for in your dessert recipe, substitute 2 cups whipped dessert topping, such as Cool Whip.

Is Cool Whip a healthy dessert? ›

No, Cool Whip is not a healthy choice. It is a whipped topping and contains a lot of added sugars and unhealthy fat. Some of the ingredients in Cool Whip include hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and artificial flavor. All of these ingredients can have a negative impact on your health.

Is there artificial sweetener in Cool Whip? ›

Yes, there is a sugar free Cool Whip available. It has no sugar added, and is made with artificial sweeteners. It contains 0g sugar per serving and only 15 calories per 2 tablespoon serving. It is the perfect topping for a low sugar dessert.

Is Cool Whip good for low carb diet? ›

The short answer, no, cool whip is not keto friendly for those on a strict low carb diet. HOWEVER, cool whip in small amounts can easily fit into a low carb/ keto diet.

Is Cool Whip just oil? ›

Kraft Cool Whip's first ingredient is water, followed by hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and — finally — skim milk. From its name, you would think that the cream part of this "whipped topping" would appear higher on the list. Alas, Cool Whip is mostly just syrupy oil.

Is Cool Whip made from petroleum? ›

Though old advertisements sell the stuff as "non-dairy," the Cool Whip mixture is made from vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, skim milk, and light cream.

Is Cool Whip all natural? ›

In its original formulation, Cool Whip contained zero cream or milk. Today, it's been reformulated to contain a splash of light cream — alongside corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, skim milk, and a few artificial and natural flavors, colors, and gums.

Does Cool Whip need to be refrigerated? ›

While you can thaw frozen Cool Whip or cream on the counter, you shouldn't leave it at room temperature for more than two hours. Allowing your Cool Whip to sit out on the counter for too long can be harmful as it's prone to molds. What is this? Room temperature is defined as any temperature between 68°F and 72°F.

Can you eat Cool Whip like ice cream? ›

According to the text overlay, “putting cool whip in the freezer for 30 min then eating because it tastes exactly like ice cream and is much better for you and is low in calorie.” The next clips shows @asianchowdown trying the hack with the next overlay revealing, “It's so delicious!

How much sugar is in a tub of Cool Whip? ›

Nutrition Facts
Calories 22(92 kJ)
Sodium0 mg0%
Total Carbohydrate2 g1%
Dietary Fiber0 g0%
Sugars2 g
7 more rows

How many carbs are in 2 tablespoons of Cool Whip? ›

Kraft Cool Whip Whipped Topping Original (2 tbsp) contains 3g total carbs, 3g net carbs, 1.5g fat, 0g protein, and 25 calories.

Is Cool Whip processed? ›

Cool Whip has a long list of ingredients, but that's generally unsurprising for a highly processed food.

What can you use instead of cream for pasta? ›

16 Best Substitutes For Heavy Cream in Pasta
  • Half and Half (+ optional butter and flour) Half and half is a great option because it's made from half cream and half milk (whole milk). ...
  • Milk + Corn Starch. ...
  • Milk + Flour + Butter. ...
  • Greek Yogurt + Milk. ...
  • Cream Cheese. ...
  • Sour Cream. ...
  • Silken Tofu + Plant-Based Milk. ...
  • Coconut Milk.
Jun 23, 2022

What is a healthy alternative to cream in soup? ›

Greek yogurt and milk

Blend together equal parts Greek yogurt and whole milk and use it in place of the same amount of heavy cream. Note that this substitute can add thickness to dishes like soups or sauces, but it shouldn't be used in recipes that require whipping.

What is a heart healthy substitute for heavy cream? ›

For Recipes

Instead of heavy cream (1 cup), use 1 cup evaporated skim milk or 1/2 cup low-fat yogurt and 1/2 cup plain low-fat unsalted cottage cheese. Instead of sour cream, use low-fat unsalted cottage cheese plus low-fat or fat-free yogurt; or just use fat-free sour cream.

Is whipped topping unhealthy? ›

Benefits and downsides. Heavy whipping cream is full of health-promoting vitamins and minerals. However, it's very high in calories and may contribute to weight gain if consumed in large amounts.

Is Cool Whip processed food? ›

Cool Whip has a long list of ingredients, but that's generally unsurprising for a highly processed food.

Is Cool Whip on a low carb diet? ›

The short answer, no, cool whip is not keto friendly for those on a strict low carb diet. HOWEVER, cool whip in small amounts can easily fit into a low carb/ keto diet.

Is there a lot of calories in Cool Whip? ›

25 calories per 2 tbsp.

What is the nutritional value of Cool Whip? ›

Details. Per 2 Tbsp: 20 calories; 1 g sat fat (6% DV); 0 mg sodium (0% DV); 1 g total sugars. Contains 0 g lactose per serving. Comparison per serving: Cool whip reduced fat whipped topping: 1 g fat; Leading whipped topping: 1.5 g fat.

Is Reddi Whip healthy? ›

It's Surprisingly Low in Calories

A two-tablespoon serving (about a one-second spray) of Original Reddi-Wip contains just 15 calories and 1 gram of fat. Don't down an entire can in one sitting, though: a whole can contains 600 calories.

Is Cool Whip all chemicals? ›

Cool Whip Original is made of water, hydrogenated vegetable oil (including coconut and palm kernel oils), high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skimmed milk, light cream (less than 2%), sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, sodium polyphosphate, ...

Can you eat Cool Whip out of freezer? ›

Most store-bought whipped cream like Cool Whip and Aerosol Whipped Cream are freezer-friendly.

What Kind of Cool Whip can I have on keto? ›

Traditional cool whip has a small amount of sugar in it. Cool whip also makes a sugar free cool whip version. Both are considered keto friendly, but please remember all the added ingredients in cool whip.

Does Cool Whip spike insulin? ›

No, sugar-free Cool Whip does not raise blood sugar levels.

Does zero sugar Cool Whip have carbs? ›

Kraft Cool Whip Sugar Free (2 tablespoon) contains 3g total carbs, 2.8g net carbs, 1g fat, 0.2g protein, and 21 calories.

Is Cool Whip protein? ›

Kraft Cool Whip Whipped Topping Original (2 tbsp) contains 3g total carbs, 3g net carbs, 1.5g fat, 0g protein, and 25 calories.

Is there a sugar free Cool Whip? ›

Product Details. Cool Whip Zero Sugar Whipped Topping is ideal as a topping or recipe ingredient. Enjoy the creamy, fluffy taste of Cool Whip Whipped Topping without the sugar. This whipped topping makes the perfect addition to your favorite desserts.


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