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Either you must be a multi-dog owner or a dog walker, right? Whenever you take your dogs outside with you, you must have had questions about how many dogs can you walk at once.

Basically, there are no specific rules or regulations about how many dogs can you walk at once; however, some dog walkers follow the rule of walking a maximum of 4 dogs at once, which is the ideal number to take control of the dogs.

There are many factors that can affect the number of dogs you should take on a walk at once, like the dogs’ temperaments, your own experience and ability, and the size and strength of the dogs. I will discuss some parameters and factors that will determine how many dogs can you walk.

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How Many Dogs Can You Walk in the UK?

Before you make any decision, you should note down that every dog is different in many ways. If you take more dogs than your ability to control them, it can be dangerous for you and the people around you. Let’s discuss important things you should consider.

Need Insurance

If you are a single owner of your dogs and not running any dog-walking business then you do not need it. But if you are a dog walker, then no matter how small or big your business is, you have to keep insurance with you.

It will not only make you professional, but also it will boost your reputation in the market and will attract more audience. Moreover, in case things don’t go well, it can save your thousands of pounds.

If you are a dog walker, you have to take your insurance seriously. Before you go on a walk, make sure you check the number on the upper side, which refers to how many dogs can you walk at once. It should be on your insurance document. Normally it is six dogs, but you can increase that number by special request, but not more than eight.

Suitable Location

Which place you go does affect how many dogs you take with you on walks. Not only does it affect you but also others. If you go park for a dog walk, then how many and how big your dogs can affect other walkers around and children?

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Even if you need to drive a little longer, you should take your dog to a less crowded place where you can walk freely without any disturbance. Also, it will allow you to take more dogs with you at once because of less disturbance.

Types of Dogs

Which type of dog you take with you on a walk is very important. Just because they are living together doesn’t mean they will walk peacefully together.

You should keep in mind that it also depends upon the size of your dog and no offence, yours too. For example, if you have 5 small Pomeranians then it will be easy for you to handle. On the other hand, if you have only 3 Tibetan mastiffs, it will be nearly impossible to handle them on your own.

Therefore, if you think you can handle six dogs, then take only 5 dogs with you. As anytime you can face an emergency, you should be able to handle all of them on your own.

Professional Dog Walking Laws and Licences in the UK

The requirement for professional walkers is increasingly popular nowadays in Uk. People of the UK love having a pet. In the UK 1/4 of people are having pet dogs. After considering this, the government had to take some steps toward the welfare of people in the UK.

A 6-foot leash, allows your dog the space he needs while also considering dog safety,” says Victoria Schade from PetMd.

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As a professional dog walker, he should remain his professionalism. here are some rules and regulations for professional dog walkers or someone who wants to be a dog walker.

  • The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 says that you are entitled to pay your fine of £1,000 if you do not clean faeces in public places if you do not let your dog lead when you walk, and if you take your dog in places where they aren’t allowed.
  • The Control of Dogs Order 1992 you are supposed to tie a collar to the dog’s neck and your name and address should be written
  • As per The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 your dog should not be aggressive in nature if you want to take him to a public place. If you cannot control your dog. Make sure your dog does not even jump or bark at someone, any complaints can be made.
  • The Road Traffic Act 1988 your dog should lead you. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for drivers when you are crossing the road with your dog. And few other regulations are there to make a safe society.

To apply for a multiple dog walking licence in UK, you can visit

Dogs in Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

There is some extra care you should take when you are on a walk with your dogs.

  • Never forget to take your dog’s poop in public.
  • You should always carry a poop bag and gloves with you. And make sure that you keep it in enough quantity if you have more dogs.
  • You should not let your dog go away from you. Try to keep them less than 10 feet near you.
  • Except in parks (where no specific signs), never leave your dogs behind. Always keep your dog in lead no matter what the place is. It will keep your dog safe.
  • If you are walking in those areas where fencing is not there, you should make sure your dog does not enter anyone’s private place. The owner of the place can sue you for trespassing in a private place. Also, few specific areas where there are signs of “Dogs are not allowed” like children’s playgrounds, some sports courts, council-owned tennis courts, and multi-use games areas.


How many dogs can a dog walker legally walk at once?

There is no certain number. It depends upon many factors like where you walk, the rules and regulations of the place, and the type of dog breeds you are having.

Can different breeds or sizes of dogs be walked together?

Yes, they can but there are two main factors which can affect them. First, the dog walker should know each dog’s temperament, energy level, and physical abilities. And another is the dog walker’s physical ability to control and manage multiple dogs, the dogs’ temperaments and behaviours, and the breed and size of the dogs.

What training or experience should a dog walker have before walking multiple dogs?

generally, to become a dog walker, you do not need any experience or training. But it is better if he has experience walking with dogs and knows how to manage them. Moreover, he should be aware of dogs’ behaviour and body language.

Are there any regulations or guidelines that dog walkers should follow when walking multiple dogs?

Yes, there are rules and regulations for the dog walker when they are taking dogs for walks. Those rules and regulations consider a limit for the number of dogs you can bring on a walk at once, for leash and for poop cleaning.

What should a dog walker do if a dog becomes aggressive during a group walk?

The first thing a dog walker should do is separate the aggressive dog from all the other dogs, so the chances of other dogs getting injured can decrease. Also, he should know how to sick professional help.


After all, you read, you know that it is difficult to decide how many dogs can you walk as there are other factors which can affect his capability, types of dog breeds, rules and regulations to follow, and other safety measures. But make sure that you do not take more than 6 dogs at once. Unless you have got permission to keep 8 dogs.

If you consider these few things, I can say that your walk with your dog will be the most enjoyable time of your day. You just need little training, knowledge and precautions.


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