Fujitsu Vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits (2023)

Fujitsu Vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits (1)

Mitsubishi and Fujitsu have been battling for mini-split dominance since the 1980s. Mitsubishi is the dominant ductless brand in the US, and for good reason. But Fujitsu isn’t far behind. They've made innovative advancements in their technology and have grown their brand recognition over the last couple of years.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re both top tier brands with excellent support networks of dealers, installers and customer support. But we want to compare the two to help you make a more informed decision on which to choose for your situation.

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Manufacturer Comparison

Mitsubishi Electric is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the US. Recently, they’ve partnered with Trane (Ingersoll Rand’s brand) on ductless & variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heating and air conditioning systems in the US. Meaning the technology you get in your home has two giant manufacturers standing behind it. They have one headquarters in the US which is based in Georgia.

Fujitsu Ltd. is an owner in Fujitsu General, partnered with ETA-Ascon to manufacture and sell ductless air conditioners. Fujitsu has strong roots in the IT world, allowing their ductless mini-splits to have the latest technological advancements. The brand is more well known internationally, but they’ve been making strides to be more recognizable in the US.They have one headquarters in the US which isbased in New Jersey.

Support Networks of Each Manufacturer

We think the size and scope of each company are important for you. If there’s an issue with your system, you want to know each company, and their employees, are going to be there for support.

Mitsubishi and Fujitsu both have extensive networks of employees, distributors, and installers around the US. Mitsubishi has around 4,000 direct employees around the US - and a good deal of them are for customer support. Both companies sales reps are extensively trained and support their dealers as well as their installers.

Fujitsu Vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits (2)

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Both companies have very large distributor networks, meaning if your system has an issue your installer can get parts. Mitsubishi’s installer network (Diamond Contractor Network) is slightly larger than Fujitsu’s Elite Contractor Network. That means more than likely you’ll be able to find someone in your area for your system installation or a Certified Start-Up™.

To be apart of either of their contractor networks, the installer has to meet a minimum standard of performance and continuing education. Both manufacturers have great supporting networks of installers and distributors, although Mitsubishi’s is slightly larger.

Ductless Mini-Split System Comparisons

Mitsubishi is the bigger of the two brands in the US and they have a well-established foothold in the US marketplace. But Fujitsu was actually the company that introduced mini-splits to the US in 1976 under the name Teknika Electronics.

Both companies make top-of-the-line ductless heat pumps with industry-leading technology and performance.



System Performance






Standard Features



Noise Level









Post-Purchase Support



Additional Features



What Mitsubishi & Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps Have in Common

Both Mitsubishi and Fujitsu’s ductless systems hold up under the most extreme conditions. Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat (H2i) and Fujitsu’s Halcyon XLTH ductless lines provide heating and cooling at extreme temperatures.

Features that come standard with both manufacturers are:

  • Auto-variable fans that adjust based on the room's temperature
  • Multiple filters that trap air pollutants while cleaning your air
  • Auto restart after a power interruption to the system
  • Wireless remotes & phone apps to control your system remotely or over wi-fi

Both manufacturers have their drawbacks. Instead of offering useful features standard, both leave features like wi-fi out. While both offer wi-fi enabled systems, we think wi-fi features should be a built-in standard on all their systems. Unfortunately, wi-fi is an add-on for both and is installed with an additional adapter for Mitsubishi.

And neither offer any style ductless system as unique as the LG art cool product line.

(Video) Fujitsu Halcyon vs. J-series Minisplit Heat Pump System Comparison

The Differences Between Mitsubishi & Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pumps

Fujitsu places more of an emphasis on technology while Mitsubishi focuses more on their systems’ performance.

System Performance

Fujitsu’s Halcyon XLTH has Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat H2i slightly beat in how low the outdoor temperature can be and still provide heat. Halcyon XLTH can provide heat in outdoor temperatures as low as -15 °F, while the Hyper Heat H2i provides heat in outdoor temperatures as low as -13 °F.

Both Mitsubishi & Fujitsu have semi-simplified product lines and offerings. Based on your needs, you can compare apples-to-apples between the two manufacturers.

System Noise Levels

Mitsubishi mini-splits have Fujitsu beat in the noise department. The quietest Mitsubishi indoor unit runs at 19dB(A), which is quieter than the sound level of normal breathing - which is 25dB(A). Fujitsu’s quietest indoor unit runs at 21dB(A).

Both Fujitsu & Mitsubishi mini-splits are top of the line at noise suppression. Although Mitsubishi is slightly quieter, the difference between the two is very small.

Fujitsu Vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits (3)

Manufacturer Styling

Style and design are what really sets these two apart. In our opinion, Mitsubishi has a more modern look, while Fujitsu systems have a classic feel to them.

We think both manufacturers have a pretty "standard" looking systems. Although they're nice, the indoor evaporator should be easy on the eyes and blend into its surroundings. They both can do a better job styling their ductless systems.

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Both Mitsubishi and Fujitsu are similarly priced. They're both top tier manufacturers and similar pricing is expected. But Mitsubishi is priced slightly less than Fujitsu.

The system features are what distinguish their price. Mitsubishi's add-ons are slightly higher priced than Fujitsu's. Bringing both systems to pretty much the same pricing if you want all the add-ons.

Manufacturer Warranties

Both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi have industry-leading warranties. There are some conditions to each, so let's go through them quickly.

Fujitsu's warranties are the most complicated of the two. They have four warranties:

  • Entry-level Fujitsu systems come with a 6-year compressor and 2-year parts warranty. That includes all non-Halcyon™ andHalcyon™HFI mini-split systems.
  • Fujitsu hasa standard 7-year compressor and 5-year parts warranty on all Halcyon™ andHalcyon™ HFI ductless systems.
  • If your Halcyon™ ductless system is installed and registered by a licensed contractor, your system qualifies for a 10-year compressor and parts warranty.
  • And if your Halcyon™ mini-split system is installed and registered by an Elite contractor, your ductless system is covered by a 12-year compressor and parts and Compressor warranty.

Mitsubishi's warranties are pretty straightforward.

  • All their products come with a 7-year compressor and 5-year parts warranty standard.
  • If your ductless products are registered online within 90 days of their installation, they're covered by a 10-year warranty - both compressor and parts.
  • And if your system is installed by a Diamond Contractor® within 90 days of installation, your mini-split system is covered by a 12-year warranty - both your compressor and parts.

All being equal, Mitsubishi's warranties are better than Fujitsu's. Mitsubishi doesn't exclude any systems from their best warranties as Fujitsu does. But for both, make sure your system is installed by either a Fujitsu Elite or Mitsubishi Diamond contractor to get both their best warranties.

If you need help finding a qualified pro in your area,reach out to us.

Be careful when you order your system online. "Retail internet purchases" of either manufacturers' systems aren't covered by a warranty. And that's why we're not just an internet retailer - we have a network of certified pros we rely on to make sure you get the best warranty possible.

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Post-Purchase Support

Both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi have big networks of support to help you after your system is installed. Both US-based customer service which you can rely on.

And both manufacturers rely heavily on their contractors for post-purchase support for the systems each contractor installs. You can't go wrong with either manufacturer's support and customer service. But remember, you're more than likely not going to deal with either company directly. You're going to rely on the certified pro who installed your system just like each manufacturer does.

Additional Features

Each manufacturer has its unique take on ductless technology. Both use inverter-driven compressors to make sure each mini-split system uses the exact amount of energy your room needs to stay as hot or as cold as you want - saving you up to 40% over a traditional system.

Mitsubishi systems use a multi-stage, platinum deodorizing filter. Their filters not only capture and remove contaminants from the air but absorbs and cleans your air of odors. Both manufacturers use washable filters that should last up to 10 years.

Mitsubishi and Fujitsu both have their unique wi-fi application so you can control your mini-split anywhere you have an internet connection. Both use environmentally friendly refrigerant and both have an extensive lineup of systems that fit almost any application. Each system is programmable and you can set schedules/reminders to do just about everything - including reminders to clean your filters.

Head to Head - Fujitsu vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits

If we had to call a winner in a head to head Fujitsu vs Mitsubishi showdown, we'd go with Mitsubishi. Their styling has a slight edge over Fujitsu, they have some of the best customer support and have a slight edge in performance & technology. We just wish their systems would come with built-in wi-fi.

You really can't go wrong with either manufacturer, but Mitsubishi has a slight edge in our opinion - at least for now.


Which split system is better Mitsubishi or Fujitsu? ›

Warranty Information

Mini split systems require a high initial investment, and having to replace major parts can be expensive. While Fujitsu-brand air conditioning systems are known for their reliability, Mitsubishi's mini splits tend to have lower failure rates, requiring less general maintenance.

Which is the better air conditioner Fujitsu or Mitsubishi? ›

Fujitsu are hard to beat on price, which is why many businesses are attracted to these systems. Mitsubishi Electric are high-end air conditioning systems and come with a commensurately higher price tag. This reflects Mitsubishi Electric's increased reliability, performance rating and investment in new technologies.

Are Mitsubishi and Fujitsu the same? ›

They're both top tier manufacturers and similar pricing is expected. But Mitsubishi is priced slightly less than Fujitsu. The system features are what distinguish their price.

Are Fujitsu mini splits reliable? ›

Fujitsu General AIRSTAGE systems are remarkably reliable: more than 99.99% have never had to be replaced or removed from where they've been installed during the life expectancy of the unit.

What are the top 5 mini split systems? ›

  • Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner of 2023.
  • Senville LETO Series 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner.
  • Cooper & Hunter MIA Series 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split AC/Heating System.
  • Senville AURA Series 12,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner.
  • Pioneer Inverter++ Energy-Star Mini Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner.
Feb 14, 2023

Is Mitsubishi the best mini split? ›

If you're looking for the best ductless mini split unit for your home, Mitsubishi Electric offers some of the best options. A pioneering leader in mini split technology, Mitsubishi Electric provides some of the most energy efficient, advanced, and innovative ductless mini split in the market today.

How long do Fujitsu mini splits last? ›

How Long Do Ductless Mini-Split Systems Last? If you have regular maintenance performed, you should get around 20 years out of the unit. This is considerably longer than the lifespan of traditional HVAC systems of 12 to 15 years.

Which brand of split AC is best? ›

10 Best Air Conditioner Models
  • Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC - Click here for Amazon deal. ...
  • Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC - Click here for Amazon deal. ...
  • Whirlpool 1.0 Ton 5 Star, Inverter Split AC - Click here for Amazon deal. ...
  • Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC - Click here for Amazon deal.
Mar 1, 2023

Which split AC is best in market? ›

Best Split AC In India
  1. LG 1.5 Ton Split Dual Inverter (PS-Q19RNZE) This is one of the best split AC that one can have. ...
  2. Realme TechLife 1.5 Ton Split Inverter (154SIAA22WR) ...
  3. Blue Star 1.2 Ton Split Inverter AC (IA315YLU) ...
  4. Carrier Flexicool 1.5 Ton Split Inverter. ...
  5. Voltas 1.5 Ton Split Inverter AC (4503346-184V DAZR)
6 days ago

Are Fujitsu mini splits quiet? ›

Peaceful Performance From "Ahhh" to "Zzzz"

Ductless heat pumps allow for a peaceful inside atmosphere with noise levels as low as a human whisper. Also, many indoor unit styles feature Quiet Mode, an extra-quiet fan speed to ensure you are not disturbed.

How efficient are Fujitsu mini splits? ›


Fujitsu General Mini-splits have earned the "Most Efficient" rating by ENERGY STAR® for being 2.35 times more efficient than the government minimum standard. The ENERGY STAR® logo is assigned to products that meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What is the SEER rating for Fujitsu mini split? ›

The Fujitsu Tri Zone Mini Split Systems are state of the art mini split heat pump systems, providing both heating and cooling for your home. Rated at 18 SEER, with an inverter-driven compressor, this efficient system will keep operating costs down while providing year-round comfort.

How long does a Fujitsu split system last? ›

Most split systems are built to last around 7 years.

Should I leave my Fujitsu mini split on all the time? ›

Mini split systems actually work best when they run continuously. By allowing your mini split to run 24/7, it will use less energy and keep temperatures more consistent. As such, it's best to avoid fiddling with the temperature settings as much as possible.

Is Fujitsu made by Rheem? ›

Two companies have jointly developed new HVAC systems that offer outstanding energy efficiency, quiet operation, and enhanced comfort. These offerings consist of four models of mini-split style outdoor units—developed by Fujitsu General—and indoor units developed by Rheem.

Who is the largest mini split manufacturer? ›

Daikin Mini Splits

Many Americans have not heard of Daikin, but it is the largest air conditioning manufacturer on the planet. They own a large number of brands, and have a huge inventory of products.

Is Mitsubishi or Daikin better? ›

The differences in efficiency are more pronounced between the 3-zone models. Here, not only does the Mitsubishi Hyper Heat offer better efficiency in all three ratings, it does it with 25% more capacity than the Daikin Aurora. Mitsubishi is the clear choice if you're looking for a three-zone system.

How many zones can a Mitsubishi mini split handle? ›

Navigating the choices available for Mitsubishi mini splits seems intimidating, especially since you can get up to eight zones in your system.

How long should a Mitsubishi mini split last? ›

So, How Long Do Mini Split Systems Last? The question “how long do mini split systems last” does not have a definitive answer. However, we do have enough experience to confidently state you can expect 10 – 15 years of efficient, reliable use when you purchase a quality system from a reputable manufacturer.

How much does it cost to have a Mitsubishi mini split installed? ›

According to the company, on average and for each zone, you should expect to pay at least $4,000 to $5,500. The average estimate for a whole-home comfort solution starts at a minimum of $4,000 up to a maximum cost of $20,000.

Who manufactures Fujitsu mini splits? ›

Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Ltd.

At what temperature do mini splits become less efficient? ›

The optimal temperature range is for conventional mini split heat pump operation is over 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature goes down to 40 degrees, the heat pump starts to lose efficiency and is no longer the most efficient heating method once the temperatures go down to 25 to 30 degrees.

At what temperature do mini splits stop working? ›

Mid-level mini splits run at 100 percent efficiency down to 20°F and typically require a base pan heater. These work well for heating moderate to cold climates. Economy-level mini splits run at 100 percent efficiency down to 30°F and may shut off at temperatures below 20°F.

Which is No 1 AC in world? ›

Carrier 1.5 Ton Split AC

Carrier ACs are the most reliable and trusted brand in the world, this Carrier AC comes with flex cool inverter technology that adjusts the cooling as per the heat load making it more effective and durable.

Which is No 1 AC brand? ›

Summary Of The 10 Best AC Brands in India
S No.Product NamePrice (in Rs.)
1LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC₹66,990
2Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star, Fixed Speed Split AC₹25,999
3Blue Star 1.2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC₹29,990
4Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC₹38,490
8 more rows

Which AC brand is best in America? ›

Our Best HVAC Companies Rating
  • #1 Carrier.
  • #2 Bryant.
  • #3 Goodman.
  • #4 Lennox.
  • #5 Trane.
  • #5 Rheem.
  • #7 American Standard.
  • #8 York.
Mar 1, 2023

Which AC brand is the most reliable? ›

  • Best Air Conditioner Brands 2023.
  • American Standard.
  • Amana.
  • Lennox.
  • Frigidaire.
  • Rheem.
  • Coleman.
  • Heil.

What is the quietest split system air conditioner? ›

If you're in the market for a new air-conditioner, you may be wondering what the quietest split system air-conditioner is. Fortunately, two options stand out from the rest: the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP and Senville Mini Split.

Which Split AC makes the least noise? ›

Ductless 'mini split' systems like Mitsubishi home air conditioning systems are the quietest air conditioners on the market today. With an average noise level of 32 decibels, ductless systems are not only whisper quiet, they offer some of the highest SEER ratings and most efficient performance on the market.

How noisy are Mitsubishi mini splits? ›

How Quiet is a Mitsubishi Mini Split? The mini split systems are the quietest air conditioners you can find on the market. They have an average noise level of 32 decibels. To put that into perspective, window units and split and packaged central air conditioners have an average noise level of 50-72 decibels.

Does Fujitsu mini split dehumidify? ›

Mini-split systems are capable of drying some of the added moisture during warmer months. Unfortunately, they are not designed to dehumidify in cold weather and will not pull moisture in the winter months.

Are Mitsubishi split systems quiet? ›

Whether it is consistent heating or cooling for the home or office, Mitsubishi Electric offers you state-of-the-art technology in the LN and AP Series with Dual Barrier Coating that is quiet, simple to use, energy efficient, and above all, reliable.

How much electricity does a Fujitsu mini split use? ›

It depends on the size of your mini split in British thermal units or BTUs. Let's say, for example, that your mini split runs on 9,000 BTUs, which is common for some models (such as ductless mini split systems from Fujitsu). What kind of watt consumption are you looking at here? It'd be about 600 watts, give or take.

Are Fujitsu air conditioners quiet? ›

Peaceful Performance From "Ahhh" to "Zzzz"

Fujitsu General believes heating and cooling systems should be felt - not heard. AIRSTAGE systems are so quiet you won't even know they're on.

What is minimum heat on Fujitsu Halcyon? ›

Minimum Heat Mode

Sets room temperature to 50°F, keeping temperatures above freezing and reducing power consumption.

Should I go with a 13 SEER or 16 SEER? ›

Generally, the higher the SEER, the more efficient it is. If you are dealing with hot days and cool evenings you may want to consider a higher SEER amount. 13 SEER A/C units are single stage, which is cheaper initially but cost more to run in the same amount of time you'd be using the 16 SEER unit.

What refrigerant is used in Fujitsu mini split? ›

Fujitsu Halcyon 12RLQ 1 Ton, 21 SEER Heating / Cooling (Heat Pump) Mini-Split System, 230 Volts, R-410A Refrigerant.

Is 19 SEER good for a mini split? ›

What is a Good SEER Rating? It is important to note that the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system. As of January 2015, the federal government requires that all new mini split air conditioners be a minimum of 15 SEER, but Energy Star Systems typically range between 20-25 SEER.

Which is the best split AC to buy? ›

LG AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling 2023 Model 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AI Dual Inverter 4 Way Swing, HD Filt... Blue Star Convertible 4 in 1 Cooling 2023 Model 1.5 Ton 4 Star Split Inverter Multi Sensors, Stabalize... LG AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling 2023 Model 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AI Dual Inverter 2 Way Swing, HD Filt...

What SEER rating should I buy for mini split? ›

However, a SEER rating of 16 is recommended as the minimum. This can help you save over $2,000 over the unit's lifetime and reduces your greenhouse gas emission by approximately 30,000 pounds. The average SEER rating is between 15 and 18, but there are many mini-split systems with ratings into the 20s and 30s.

Which split AC is best Mitsubishi or Daikin? ›

Both products offer the same capacity, with negligible differences in EER. In this instance, it all comes down to the seasonal heating and cooling efficiencies. While the Daikin MXS offers a higher HSPF rating, the Mitsubishi Quad-Zone model has a higher SEER rating.

Which AC is best and affordable? ›

Best AC Under Rs 20,000: Budget-Friendly Window AC's For Small Spaces
Window Air ConditionerCapacityBest AC price
Blue Star 3 Star Rating Window AC1.0 TonRs 27,49099
Voltas 2 Star Window AC0.75 TonRs 16,990
AmazonBasics 3 Star Window AC0.75 TonRs 16,999
Lloyd 3 Star Window AC1.0 TonRs 20,290
May 27, 2022

Which split AC is more energy efficient? ›

A mini-split is different, as it's built to transfer heat, which is more energy efficient.


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